The whys and wherefores

Roll over.  Play dead.  Good dog


53 thoughts on “The whys and wherefores

  1. Sigh……do I have to tell you again about the orange pills? I haven’t seen hide nor hair of the black dog since I got me some of those. Before orange/blue/pink/white pills (my doctor likes to vary the colour options) the black dog followed me around is if I was wearing a meat dress. Long before Lady G I might add. As for the white dog with the black/grey/fawn ear and the big red dog…no such pills exist. They are nice doggies, good doggies ……..


  2. Once again, you come back and just profound everyone out of the water.

    The dog is a metaphor for capitalism. The man represents Kim Jong-il, and the white background is big insurance companies and their lobbying power.

    I’m right, aren’t I? Just say it.


  3. The black dog is your pervasive sense of ennui, and you’re making it go away and eat crack filled dog treats so that you can spring back to life. Did Vodka and Ground Beef beat me? It’s ok. I can take it.


  4. At least somebody is working like a dog. My new assitant pup is anything but. At least he has been house trained and don’t piddle at his desk (anymore). Some people should not breed. ever. he does bring me the paper in the morning though… Which reminds me –

    Q: What’s wrong with shagging the paperboy?

    A: They’re not real.


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