Administrative era

But only AFTER we've all been sodomised by the testicle-eating pixies


35 thoughts on “Administrative era

  1. Pffftt! Well, if you don’t submit your timesheet on time, don’t expect to get paid on time, okay?? πŸ˜›

    Friday, 10am is my cut-off, and it’s a ball-ache running around after 70 people, making sure they’ve done their timesheets, which I then have to process by 5pm. And there is nothing worse that dealing with an irate twat because they haven’t been paid properly! πŸ˜€


  2. There was a small engineering business whose workers had to punch cards and above the card rack was a notice: YOU MUST PUNCH THE COCK BEFORE STARTING AND WHEN LEAVING.


  3. oh, and don’t forget to put on your aluminum foil hat and predict which specific projects you’ll be spending time on for the next 4 days! the testicle eating pixies are not going to like it if you aren’t psychic…


  4. A recent “improvement” in our systems (where they pay us now on Friday instead of Tuesday) means our timesheets are due before 8 AM on Monday. Like fuck that I’ll be getting up early on a Monday just to put in my fucking timesheet.


  5. The irony? I used to fill in my time sheets in great detail…til I found out they don’t look at the tast code layer beneath the main layer. Ever. So now they get bubpkis. -Admin will kill us-


    • It’s the other way round with us: we have legions of admin people going through the codes with a fine-tooth comb to ensure that all participants in a particular meeting have allocated exactly the same time to it.


  6. Shuttup! My boss just turned down my application for ONE day’s leave so I am now not moved by your timesheet situation. When I get over my irritation I will be suitably sympathetic with your suffering. Till then…….eat my shorts world!


  7. It is somewhat comforting (and disturbing) to know that there are other companies that run with the same love and affection as the one where I work. It warms the cockles. Whatever those are.


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