Things are looking up

Scratch that - he'd probably enjoy it
I believe the Romans developed crucifixion as a form of punishment mainly because painting ceilings was considered to be too inhumane.

If there is a Hell, then it consists of an infinitely wide ceiling. When you arrive, you are issued with a rickety ladder and a scraper. After a day or so, you’ll be begging to be thrown in the lake of fire.

To do:
1. Cultivate Worst Enemy
2. Convince new Worst Enemy to paint my ceiling next time


31 thoughts on “Things are looking up

  1. I first read that as ‘have you painted your ceiling cat yet’. Was sorely disappointed in lack of pussy jokes. I blame AWC posting at the same time as you.


  2. Did you paint your ceiling because you discovered mold? I’m telling you, its time to move cave crypt coffin house. BTW, how’s the new curtains look? Matching the carpets?


  3. Oh no, the best is when for whatever reason you are halfway through a ceiling paint job and realize that your edging doesn’t match what you’ve rolled on. Or if you have to just ‘touch up’ a spot and can’t match it because you can’t find any of the original paint. Good times.


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