Nice tux, though

In recognition of those individuals who have contributed most to the advancement of the cult, we proudly+ present the 2010 winners. By the way, I’m wearing a tux. I hope you have dressed accordingly.

It's just a cruel coincidence that bronze is the colour of kak

The Bronze Award goes to the following apes and people for having blogs that aren’t kak – or at least, aren’t entirely kak++:

Hey, at least it's better than bronze

These are the worthy recipients of the Silver Award:

  • Daisyfae for sending me postcards and other salacious correspondence;
  • Andrew for practical suggestions on staving off insanity. Woe unto Rufus Tranquillus, then;
  • Alone… with cats for her fine efforts as my personal muse; and
  • Renal Failure because Clarice isn’t the only one who needs to consider a bit of quid pro quo

Oooh.  Shiny.

The Gold Award goes to Nursemyra for directing more traffic to this blog than Almighty Google and faithfully commenting on every post, no matter how appalling. Also, for her selfless international community service in producing a regular crop of boners worldwide.

Congratulations all. If you didn’t make the cut this time, please feel free to bitch about it and I will feel free to remind you that bribes work where sycophancy fails.

+ Why is it always “proudly”? It’s not like anyone has ever “shamefully” presented an award, have they? MTV does not count.
++ Ja, I realise that getting a bronze is pretty kak; the irony (Hah! See what I did there?) isn’t lost on me.

56 thoughts on “Acknowledgements

  1. If I’d known there was an awards ceremony attached to this blog then I would have turned up more often. I love an opportunity to where my posh frock.
    *Runs off sobbing*


  2. thank you. i should have that badge posted within a few months… mostly because that’s how long it’ll take for me to figure out how to do it… i guess if i was truly commited, i’d have it tattooed on my ass, but that’s like, work. and pain. so it ain’t happening…

    now, if it were the gold one….


  3. fuck you and all you stand for. heathen. philistine. ignoramasus thingy thing. bronze. pfft. i spit at the pixel that is your bronze. rather to have nothing than anything less than your undivided awe. it’s cos nurse myra’s hot and posts saucy pics isn’t it? you’re fired.


  4. Firstly of all, I’d like to thank my director and my Mom and the milkmen..oh,wait! That’s ungrammatical standard response for Hollywood stuff.

    Thankyou very much Mr. Penguin.I love all your books.


  5. I think “you’re not entirely kak” is the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me. *Sniff* Oh, wait. My son just told me I don’t smell like the foulest creature from the netherworld. He beat you.


  6. Hey! I’ll take that bronze, thank you very much! I’d thank my parents except for the fact that they had nothing to do with my development at all. Maybe that’s a good thing. A little attention paid and maybe I’m not standing on this stage holding my bronze prize. Eh?

    And you’re right about Mrs. Myra. She sets the gold standard for all of us.


  7. As a prooooud Strayan who lives only to win medals (our nations’ ambitions are virtually singularly Olympic) I will ferverntly incant the Church of Cayennetology’s dogma nightly. Woof, woof, woof, achoo!


  8. I’m not entirely sure what to say… thank you? Although bronze isn’t really my colour. I think a nice gold will go brilliantly with my jean pant.

    hung the curtains yet?


  9. oh my lord, I feel like I just won an Oscar. or a Nobel or a Pulitzer or something shiny. Kyk, how could I not keep coming back here, the comments you leave on my posts always crack me up. I may have given up the corset shots but one of these days I’ll bake a cake especially for you xxx


  10. BTW, when is the next Cayennetology service? I’d like to be baptized in the blood of the…er…chili-pepper.


  11. Pingback: Thank you Kyknoord!

  12. Sorry I’m late, I had to fly back home to pick up my Grad dress for this momentous occasion.

    Thank-you for the award, kyknoord! I shall wear it on my cyber-chest like a badge of honor.


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