It's Cthulhu, dammit!  Why would I have a Mexican name?


37 thoughts on “Unexpected

  1. Oh? Is that a fact? This should make for some interesting posts. Not that they haven’t been…but you know how angular and pointed things get when a new girlfriend steps into the picture.

    “There are more tears shed over answered prayers than unanswered ones.”

    Truman Capote


  2. Having just cast my toe into the exact same internet dating waters, i am now more frightened than ever… you mean this shit can lead to actual relationships? screw that… back to the biker bars for me….


  3. I’ve never met Cthulhu before! Nice to meet you, Cthulhu!

    I assume this is a person who can stand the fact that you’re a non drinking vegetarian. Thank goodness. I was beginning to think women in South Africa were a little, well….NUTS! A little NUTS! There. I said it.


  4. So that’s why you were a no-show at the New Year’s Scrabble Tournament. Can’t see how you could forego the thrills and spills of the Scrabble Tourney for a girlfriend…….. oh wait…..it’s coming back to me now…..nah I prefer Scrabble.


    • Sweetie, the judge who issued the restraining order TOLD you to stop referring to me as your girlfriend.

      Seriously though… your second girlfriend in less than a year?!? Well aren’t you a right little floozy! Hope she’s not the possessive type, because I’m still letting you know when I’m back in the Bos.


        • I thought “skirt-rat” was more PC these days.

          You are sure you know your own mind in all of this? No drugs could have been slipped to you? I ask only because what I thought was just a casual shag snow-balled into 17 years (this week – I remembered for once) of marriage and three children.


  5. That’s it? That’s all you’re giving us?

    Fine. See if I tell you about the Tribal Leader of a remote village near the Canadian border that I plan to meet who will woo me via romantic goat sacrificing.


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