Don’t pet the sweaty things

What did you do with the damned Snuggy I got you for me-mas?

While most of the northern hemisphere shivers, Cape Town boils.

It’s hot. Seriously hot. Also, it’s hot.

I’m pretty sure the reports of spontaneous human combustion are exaggerated, but if you look at my flat on Google street view, all you can see is heat haze. At least the local zombies are happy. Apparently slow-roasted brain is something of a delicacy in the undead community.

Did I mention that it’s hot?


31 thoughts on “Don’t pet the sweaty things

  1. Ya know, this is the second SA post I read today complaining about the intense heat. Jaysus, you people kill me. It snowed most of the day in Manhattan. Big, soft, floaty, pretty flakes. The city looked like a giant snow globe. Hard to imagine heat.


  2. Got any pictures of kids (or adults) cooling off in the spray of open fire hydrants? That’s an old stand by. Or, how about frying an egg on the sidewalk? No?

    Extreme heat makes people do odd (and extreme) things.

    Revel in the mental image of the 15 to 20 cm of snow we are receiving this weekend to cool you off. Our temps are forecast to head down to lows of -30 C in the next few days.

    Care to trade lives for a bit?


  3. I will swop you one day of your hot weather for all the rain we’re having here in Jhb. But only one day mind you and preferably BEFORE I go back to work this year. I have forgotten what sunshine feels like.


  4. i’ll take the extra snuggie… the facilitymanagers at my office believe we are more productive when exposed to ‘meat locker’ temps. side of beef with that report, sir?


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