Ankle deep

Some old jokes are based on fact

Returning to the office after an extended break isn’t easy. It seems a great many people were waiting for my return. I think I finally understand why Godot stayed away. My post-vacation tranquility lasted about thirty minutes before it started to unravel.

I suspect the sheer volume of messages gumming up my inbox has enabled the mail server to achieve sentience. Save yourselves while you can!

31 thoughts on “Ankle deep

  1. When I read your blog, I see this bit of text before the comic strip comes us. I tried to read it, then it disappears behind the current post. Not sure if this occurs for other readers.

    Perhaps that fleeting glimpse is like the disappearing holiday tranquility?


  2. I *NEVER* go away for long periods! I’m always too afraid they’ll get along just fine without me.

    @Mitzi: Don’t look at that text! It’s kyknoord’s subliminal mind trick! Soon you’ll be mailing him wads of cash without knowing why.


  3. i’ve developed a rather creepy ‘thousand yard stare’, combined with a question: “Did you take a number? You have to take a number to get service at this counter…”


  4. I hate preparing to go away. There’s so much stuff to get in order. Then I hate being bombarded with stuff when I get back. Moral of the story? Don’t go away or go away forever.


  5. Well, it wasn’t a vacation, but I was off work for three months last year. What I found was that I kind of liked the “retired” life. The longer my vacations, the less inclined I am to go back to work.

    An overflowing inbox is probably the least of your worries, eh?


  6. My name is nursemyra and I am addicted to filing 😦

    I love going back to work after a holiday – no one else knows how to do my job properly and they all fall at my feet sobbing with relief at my return.

    Then I get to sort out the accumulated work that has piled up on my desk. First it assumes tidy little priority piles then things get done and filed away. And all the time I’m humming with hubris and happiness. I know, I know, I’m a very sick individual…..


  7. I was just kind of, sort of beginning to looking forward to going back to work on Monday and now you’ve reminded me of what exactly it’s going to be like when I get there. I don’t know whether to thank you or go hide under my duvet and have a good cry.


  8. ‘My post-vacation tranquility lasted about thirty minutes’ …. geez, i got all of thirty seconds after walking into the house after the trip back from the airport.
    any case, nappy two queers to you …


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