Ours later

I think 'we' might need a wedgie


29 thoughts on “Ours later

  1. But of course it’s “yours”..when it’s wrong it’s always yours..when it’s right it’s mine..
    My hubby’s dog is always bad but when she’s a good girl she’s mine.


  2. yup. and any fuck ups and blame is automatically “yours” – no longer any “we” or “ours” then, right?

    i’m a firm believer in the equalising power of the wedgie. and perhaps even the headbutt, too.


  3. My boss makes me send him explanations/requirements/instructions for our clients. Then he cuts and pastes to his emails or letter. Receives grateful thanks from impressed client with a modest tilt of the head. Does not acknowledge my existence. I’d like to give him a wedgie – I’d like to wedge his head in the door as I shut it!!!


  4. General response to “There is no I in Team” should always be: “but there is a YOU in cunt”.

    Just saying. hi kyk! love you man.


  5. My boss frequently gives me urgent work to do and then swaggers around the office saying “We’ve completed this already. We’re so efficient…” and by ‘completed’ he means ‘given to somebody else to deal with’. Awesome.


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