Look carefully

Kiss my glass ceiling


42 thoughts on “Look carefully

  1. I happened to observe today that some of the (male) engineers on my team are sporting some serious moobs. Mix them in with the mat leave returnees who haven’t lost their prego bellies yet and I feel like I’m in a sports bar or something.


  2. Having just started back at college, I have to admit that I am doing several double-takes everyday on people in the halls. I still haven’t quite figured out the one person I each day. The clothes and mannerisms shout male but the top area, hair and voice scream female.
    At least it’s clean shaven, what ever it may be.


  3. Whew I’m so sexist – I thought you were a guy because you have a beard (previously a goatee). How rude of me not to realize it was a hormone imbalance – call me for my waxers’ telephone number.


  4. Testosterone must have grown up a bit – The last time I heard it speak it said: “” I love you. Can we hold each other in our underwear?”


  5. Ah- the critics were wrong, you have women in your strip ALL THE TIME! And the crowd goes wild.

    Mainly with confusion.

    (Also? Having a What Was David Hyde Pierce Thinkin’ contest on my blog today, which you should totally enter, as your comment on the Flickr photo is freaking hilarious.)


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