Heads, you lose

At least it wasn't Man 'Flu
Actually, I just had a headache.

However, if you phone in and tell management that you have a headache, they tell you to take a pill and suck it up. Fortunately though, they’re too squeamish to argue when there’s any mention of diarrhoea, which is kind of a shame, because it would be an excellent opportunity to tell delinquent members of staff to get their shit together.

Of course, like all other Jedi Mind Tricks, it should not be abused. For that path to the Dark Side leads. Yes.


21 thoughts on “Heads, you lose

  1. In my world, any hint of “female troubles” is the mother of all kitchen passes. Say “cramping” and they scatter like cockroaches under fluoresent lights…


  2. The best excuse for your sick leave form is to say you were unable to work because you were suffering from aprosexia.

    It means inability to concentrate but not too many people are going to ask you that


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