Questionable questions

Anyone who says there are no stupid questions has never worked with humans and is therefore probably an alien and should be dissected for Science.  Your co-operation in this regard would be greatly appreciated
This isn’t the first time I’ve cracked my head against this particular wall.

I have no problem with providing supplementary information where the details are sketchy, or clarification where there is ambiguity in the wording, but that’s where I draw the line.

I get seriously irate when I have to deal with imbeciles who think that I am fooled by their shrill demands for supposedly “missing” information that through some mysterious quirk of the printing process, only becomes visible in their document after I point it out to them.

If the contractor can’t be arsed to read the specification, I’m certainly not going to read it to him.


18 thoughts on “Questionable questions

  1. I come over to your side of the Mountain looking for” funny.” I’m seldom disappointed.
    Today? Maybe I need more caffeine. Maybe I’m soured by local politics. But aint no “funny” here. Perhaps you could read it to me?


  2. I’m going to have to remember your perfect wording – “only becomes visible in their document after I point it out to them”. Been there SO many times… but will I have to say it with a Kyknood accent?


  3. I have a similar problem when agencies come in for “chart reviews”. They whine about stuff missing, and I have to point out that it is there. They should be called “Incompetent Skimmers” instead of “Chart Reviewers”. But, hey – I quit that job last week, so no more problems there! (After 17 years. Sheesh.)


  4. Perhaps you should just highlight the entire document before sending it… Maybe put lots of arrows on there too. Maybe to suggest they read it properly, or that they haven’t read it properly, or that you’re pissed off that they’re stupid. Maybe all of those…


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