Life lessons through interpretive dance

Some messages bear repeating
“We don’t want to send the wrong message to kids.”

ORLY? Why not? Surely it’s a sacred duty? The sooner they learn that the world is a harsh place full of politicians and telemarketers, the sooner they’ll stop expecting cake and embrace coprophagia.

Many thanks and profound apologies to fellow webcomicist Dev for the inspiration.


9 thoughts on “Life lessons through interpretive dance

  1. Surely, in the push for gender equality, should you not also advise them that strange women are trustworthy? Or are you lurking to see what might happen….heh heh heh


  2. I live to serve.

    Not kids though. Those buggers need to learn things the hard way.

    Wait. That sounds dodgy. Actually, it probably sounded fine but now I have made it sound dodgy by pointing out the potential dodgyness. This is probably why I have to introduce myself to the neighbours every time we move…


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