A long time ago+, in an archipelago far away…

Leias of meaning
I am generally not a big fan of surprises, but when I emptied my post box++ earlier today, I discovered this lovely item nestled in amongst all the bills and lawyers’ letters – a postcard from Dolce, Daisyfae and Nursemyra:

I'm afraid the front of the postcard is too sordid to publish

Thank you, ladies. Wish you were here.

+ Well, it SEEMS like a long time ago, ok?
++ That isn’t a euphemism

I’m too sexy for my pastry

Political Correctness has destroyed workplace humour.  Who knew there was a fucking leper at the staff meeting?
Many thanks to the incomparable Daisyfae a.k.a. Trailer Park Refugee for producing today’s comic. Not only does she seem to have an innate understanding of what goes on here on the other side of the mountain, but she’s also easy prepared to bend her considerable talent to the task without whining or making unreasonable demands.

Note to the slower children: This means the episode above is more of a potential occurrence than an actual one.