Not catching a break

from ‘subprime’ to ‘past my prime’
Today’s guest comic+ is by the amazing Anne, who generously agreed to host The Other Side of the Mountain Show from the other side of the Atlantic++. Anne, who previously entertained us via Something Under the Bed is Drooling, moved to New York some time last year and since then seems to have developed a rather – shall we say – grudging approach to her writing. This may or may not be related to her present accommodation difficulties. Nevertheless, I am happy to report to Anne’s fans that she is open to bribery…

+ If you’re thinking that this is simply a way for me to sit on my arse and get someone else to do the work, you’d be absolutely right

++ Are you confused? Tough bananas! No room for weaklings in Africa! Mwahahahahahahaha!

I’m too sexy for my pastry

Political Correctness has destroyed workplace humour.  Who knew there was a fucking leper at the staff meeting?
Many thanks to the incomparable Daisyfae a.k.a. Trailer Park Refugee for producing today’s comic. Not only does she seem to have an innate understanding of what goes on here on the other side of the mountain, but she’s also easy prepared to bend her considerable talent to the task without whining or making unreasonable demands.

Note to the slower children: This means the episode above is more of a potential occurrence than an actual one.