Ankle deep

Some old jokes are based on fact

Returning to the office after an extended break isn’t easy. It seems a great many people were waiting for my return. I think I finally understand why Godot stayed away. My post-vacation tranquility lasted about thirty minutes before it started to unravel.

I suspect the sheer volume of messages gumming up my inbox has enabled the mail server to achieve sentience. Save yourselves while you can!

Subject: Fwd: Re: Urgent!

If I was any more in the loop, I'd be the Red Baron
My inbox is cluttered with enough crap as it is. I don’t need copies of emails that I have already received. No, really.

Much as I appreciate my boss wanting to keep me abreast of the latest project news, I would appreciate it even more if he would take a second or two to scan through the recipients on the original message before blithely sending it to me.

Oh, and adding “FYI” to every. single. one? Not helping.

I’ve tried being diplomatic, but that’s been about as successful as Bafana Bafana’s game plan against Uruguay.