Don’t pet the sweaty things

What did you do with the damned Snuggy I got you for me-mas?

While most of the northern hemisphere shivers, Cape Town boils.

It’s hot. Seriously hot. Also, it’s hot.

I’m pretty sure the reports of spontaneous human combustion are exaggerated, but if you look at my flat on Google street view, all you can see is heat haze. At least the local zombies are happy. Apparently slow-roasted brain is something of a delicacy in the undead community.

Did I mention that it’s hot?

Is “nomination” LOLspeak for “digestion”?

and find yourself a girlfriend, for Dad's sake!
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I was planning on mentioning a few others you might want to consider, but Dot Black beat me to the punch. Probably just as well; I don’t really like punch.