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Don't run.  We are your friends.

Welcome Seeker. If you wish to join the Church of Cayennetology, please send your credit card details to the following address and I will be happy to set you on the path to enlightenment:

For typography nerds (you know who you are): the font for the comic dialogue is ‘Minya Nouvelle’ and the comic title is ‘Baveuse’, both © Ray Larabie.

Still here? Fine. Please read the disclaimer:

DISCLAIMER: This blog is bound to contain material that is offensive to at least some people who have probably missed the point (assuming there actually was one). If you are one of these people – and that includes you, Dad – please accept my humblest apologies in advance. Incidentally, if you feel compelled to place a deeper interpretation on anything you may read here – don’t. Also, every day is Pantsless Thursday as far as I’m concerned.

21 thoughts on “About / Contact

  1. First of all, thanks for coming to visit.

    Second of all, I see that, like many project managers, you actually have many other talents (your cartoons are wonderful).

    Is it too much to hope that you’re also in IT????


  2. Not sure how I got here but I love your cartoons.

    I think I saw somewhere that you’re in Cape Town?

    I’m an American living in Oklahoma right now but I lived in Cape Town for three years in the 90s. SOOOOO beautiful! I miss it.


  3. ACK! I can’t believe it took me so long to read your About Me page. Well, actually I can. I never read About Me pages. Except now. I’m a contradiction.

    But that’s besides the point.

    The point being I didn’t know it was pantsless Thursday.

    And now I’m here wearing pants.

    And I feel like a fool.


  4. your blog is like one of those bones my dogs hide in the garden, forget about and then ecstatically rediscover.
    pant, pant.
    oh wait, it’s pantsless thur…, i mean everyday, so,
    pantsless, pantsless.

    translation if so required: i’m a fan!


  5. OK, look it is hard to type one handed and well, you know, it’s been that kind of a day anyway. But, I am still prepared to be reasonable, how about you send me your bank details and I’ll just shoot the money across that way? No?


  6. Well, I’m sorry I’m just not used to working within such harsh constrains; I’m afraid there will be forthwith and henceforth no more acolytish behaviour. This, I believe being in full control (almost) all of my faculties, is your loss because every religion needs followers so useful, flexible and adaptive that they can put on bras one handed and wield sarcasm as a deadly weapon, while striving for canonisationism. (Again, all one handed.)
    Anyway, I’ve achieved my own path to enlightenment, it involves red wine, pain-killers and antibiotics. So, just see if I care! And also, “Nah nah, nah nah nah.” (Gosh, I hope I spelt that right.)


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