Thump thump thump

And that was AFTER filtering out all the Gurus, Ninjas and Rock Stars
One of the less palatable aspects of my job is bidding on government contracts. It would be less of trial if I thought it would be worth the effort, but it’s a complete waste of time.

Most state entities openly thumb their noses at the procurement regulations and carefully word their specifications to favour certain outcomes. The state officials have very itchy backs that require lots of scratching before you’re granted entrance to the preferred circle.

The fact that this is technically illegal is neither here nor there. The government occasionally makes a few disingenuous noises about “rooting out corruption” before election time, but the practice continues because few private firms have the stomach, stamina or stones to take the matter to court. They understand the power of the Dark Side.

Nevertheless, my boss insists that I keep hitting my head against this particular wall, because Senior Management Logic(TM) dictates that if something doesn’t work, you keep doing it until your skull pops.

5 thoughts on “Thump thump thump

  1. and you act … like …. so?
    well, (i can only hope) ONE OF THEEZ DAZE THE GOV’T WILL SURPRIZE YOU! as i think there is also an algorithm that every once or twice in the proverbial bleu mÜne, the gov’t will shock everyone and award the contract to someone besigheds “the yoozYooUhl” suspects.
    i work (soon to leave!) for a gov’t entity and at least we go thru’ the motions of fairness. sometimes only one entity bids. find THOSE contracts ~


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