Light up the sky

I had to go to Johannesburg on Tuesday for a work-related meeting. Although I used to travel a lot in my previous job, my present position doesn’t require me to fly more than once or twice a year. It was interesting to see that time has not diminished my distaste for the experience at all.

The return trip was interesting, because when I landed in Cape Town, the arrival hall was clogged with people all cheering and many of them were holding up poorly lettered signs emblazoned with a name starting with the letter ‘K’. “Fame at last!” I thought, until I looked closer and saw that the name was not, in fact, ‘Kyknoord’. Phooey! It turned out that the people were all there hoping to catch a glimpse of their favourite contestant in the local ‘Idols‘ competition – i.e. Karin.

I don’t watch the programme, so I have no idea whether she was on our flight or not. All I do know is that it was quite a battle to thread my weary way through the seething throng. I was extremely grateful that I didn’t have any luggage, because there was no way anyone would get a trolley through that crowd.


20 thoughts on “Light up the sky

  1. Ag shame KN, like you said, it sucks being a ghost. Had I known I could have made you a really cool WELCOME KYKNOORD sign at the JHB airport. And i promise I would have cheered when you came through the gate!


  2. Oh dear, all the poor trolley-dollies will still be stuck there! πŸ™‚

    The public go mad here in the UK for similar ‘talent’ competitions. Makes me feel old (happily so!) to see how the stupid youngsters idolise these people! 15 min of fame and all that….


  3. “…Light up the sky like a flame – Fame, I see it comming together, baby remember my name – remember, remember, remember – FAME !!”
    LOL !!!!
    Couldnt resist, that was what I thought of the first time I read your heading today and I have been singing it ever scince. I have an uncanny nak of learning songs real quick, and then I remember (there’s that word again) them for ever, this is one of them. I cant help it. It’s a curse.


  4. anne: I can’t imagine for a minute what you could mean.

    lyn: Could still be the case. We have big families in Cape Town.

    banquo: I’ll send you my travel arrangements and a karaoke disk.

    nomad: They don’t say “young and foolish” for no reason.


  5. i really wanted to say something witty about “travel” and “idols”… and then my brain liquidated and dribbled out of my ears.
    i read, i laughed- thanx- but i have nothing interesting to say!


  6. The really sad thing is that it’s not just the young things who watch that drivel,it’s the middle aged, middle classed, middle minded too.
    Besides, KN, did you really want to be in heat (snigger), or You, pushing your trolly through customs in shades? Thought not. Fame is for those who can’t be cool on their own. Respek is for those who’re cool anyway, attention or not.


  7. I think we all want some sort of recognition sometimes, just because we know that we are awesome people. A cheer here and there would help lighten the day.

    Kyknoord I’ve been meaning to ask you a question. Are you from South Africa or have you relocated there from another country? Like maybe America? I’m asking because the way that you write makes me think that you are an American for some reason.


  8. Meh, who can keep up with Idols contestants these days anyway? I say it was a perfectly sensible mistake to make and what’s more I say there should have been signs for you. So there.


  9. U havin’ a big Bah Humbug day there, KN? hehe, phooey indeed…
    Y’know, sometimes you remind me of Eeyore from Winnie-The-Pooh…
    but with a God-complex LOL!


  10. Idols have always been an interesting program to me. Not for watching all those youngsters trying to go through fame but for the way Media plays people to fill their own pockets.

    It is a catastrophe to be on the same flight as a celebrity. During my experience I had to wait for 2 extra hours for the situation to calm down & I could come outta the airport :-S


  11. angel: Something like “only the idol rich can afford to travel”, perhaps?

    andrea: Not to worry, I’ll let you know if I ever find myself headed in the direction of BC.

    tripeak: Cheers πŸ™‚

    rox: Damn! Oh well, back to the ol’ drawing board.

    anduin: I was born in Bob’s Backyard (Zimbabwe), but I’ve lived in South Africa for most of my life. In fact, I’ve never left the continent – even on holiday, but you can think of me as American, if you like πŸ™‚

    scott: I knew I could count on you.

    lisa: Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about

    terri Eeyore with a god-complex! Ahahahahahahaha! That is the absolute best! I’m putting that in my profile right now!

    dr o2: Fortunately, ‘celebrity’ is very much a relative term here. It depends on how many relatives you have.


  12. I’m forced into watching the weekly drivel which is Idols by my other half, who is an avid fan.
    You would have known if Karin was on your flight, if only because it would have taken the rest of the passengers on the starboard side to balance out the plane.
    In an industry where image is all, she may have a great voice, but she is no Idol.
    (She will win though, because, as 79% of South Africans agree, Idols is rigged.

    Chin up.


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