Yes, but –

I was originally planning on going the phonetic route, but this is *way* funnier.  Your mileage may vary
Firefoxians rejoice! Now you too can view my lame-ass mouseover text with a handy plugin. According to David Malki, you can use either this one or that one to make the problem go away. O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! And so forth.


39 thoughts on “Yes, but –

  1. ugh I also have the damn thing in my head now. Being contrary can have its drawbacks. Flying spaghetti monster – you are my favourite merlot!


  2. em&ct: Glad to hear it. It’s not good to leave these things up in the air.

    parenthesis: Abominable.

    charmskool: Red is best for Italian, isn’t it?

    nursemyra: Tres generous, nursemyra.

    miss M: Exactly how witty do you think I think I am?


  3. cure for the Gershwin earworm? sing the words to Amazing Grace to the theme song from Gilligan’s Island (may not translate internationally… here’s a link if you feel compelled to hurt yourself… )


  4. You say Ira Gershwin, I say language barrier.
    Or- and then you go and spoil it all by saying something stupid like plagiarism.
    So now I feel doubly crappy, considering the firefox problem is solved and clearly I’m not worthy. I’ll keep using IE for a couple days, as penance.


  5. aww chocolate strawberry!
    at least “they can’t take that awaaay from me – no no they caaan’t take that away froom me… (whappidadydiyaaah)


  6. parenthesis: Too true.

    daisyfae: Medici graviores morbos asperis remediis curant.

    anne: I would have thought your flatmate was penance enough.

    anicker: Not under the current incentive scheme, they can’t.

    sonkind: Better out than in.

    livewire: This is South Africa, soldier! We settle our disputes with knives and firearms. Now hand me my meat cleaver.


  7. Thanks very much for the plugin – I had to use a sneaky Google Reader view.
    Was pleasantly surprised to find the familiar Kyk images when looking through clipart for ‘person’ this morning – oh but it made me smile!


  8. peas: I’m not sure. They all kind of blend into one amorphous mass these days.

    fuzzy logic: Excellent. Do you like the transgender number I pulled on the hardhat dude?


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