Flowers or human flesh?

The lore is a bit unclear about what constitutes a suitable offering of appeasement to complete the ritual


25 thoughts on “Flowers or human flesh?

  1. betenoir: …to make a rather nasty omelette.
    idle layabout: She needs to exorcise more.
    charmskool: Nhur hur hur you said “head”.
    nursemyra: Succubi are demons.
    miss M: Oh yes, I love mac ‘n’ cheese.
    revo: That’s a bit of a contradiction in terms, isn’t it?
    daisy: There’s no need to get testy.


  2. If you really want to summon a demon, I’ll give my son Kevin a plane ticket to your city, and money for a cab to your house.


  3. dolce: Hmmm… gives new meaning to the expression, “self sacrifice”.
    miss M: Ah. I prefer Garnier.
    uncle keith: Perhaps some kind of bat is called for?
    shebee: I’m getting ready to license it under Creative Commons.
    robin: That bad, huh? Teenagers are the punishment for not using contraception.
    gnukid: Oh, I don’t know. I’m pretty sure there are quite a few in our office.


  4. peas: C’mon, you’re going to have to do better than, “Beware of the – uh – THING!” to strike terror in our hearts.
    stef: No, I’m Imperio.
    miss M: Sure, why not?


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