I'll bet you're *really* grateful I'm not wearing the steel-tips
Just for the record, I am grateful for a lot of things. In this particular instance, I am pleased to be part of the formal economy, but that’s not going to divert me from having a good old-fashioned whine about how short my holiday was. It is particularly annoying when annoying people like my annoying colleague manage to miss the point entirely.

Saying, “Oh, well at least you have [insert thing that one should be grateful to have]” does not fucking help at all. When I’m miserable because I’m back at the office after a few (fantastic) weeks off, I want commiseration, okay? Not some tit on a soap-box telling me to count my blessings. On the plus side, if he continues to follow his annoying approach to its logical conclusion, then it’s only a matter of time before he tries telling a woman with PMS to cheer up because at least she has a uterus…

Complaining is one of the things that defines us as humans. It is our spur to do better, to improve, to aspire to godhood. And stuff. If we all sat around accepting that gee, it actually isn’t so bad after all, we would still have slavery, unpasteurised milk and morris dancing as entertainment.

All clear? Good.


25 thoughts on “Restraint

  1. dolce: It is worth noting that yoghurt is often the only source of culture for many people.
    nursemyra: Morris dancing is responsible for the breakup of my marriage.
    rustum: Please turn around and lean forward.
    miss M: I wasn’t aware that we were competing.


  2. i worked through the holiday – i’m saving my vacation time for sunny days! best part? i mostly fucked off – and worked very short days. so when people asked how my holiday was, i can honestly say “it’ll be great next summer”. and they think i’m batty…


  3. I didn’t have a holiday and I wish everyone would stop talking about holidays and I wish we had more morris dancing and I think unpasteurised milk is very entertaining and with the amount I earn slavery has not been entirely abolished. Ok ok I know I earn more than enough but a person can grumble anyway can’t she?


  4. *applause* I hate when people wreck a good complaining session by telling you to be happy with what you have. I have an older friend, and when I complain about my kids she tells me to “suck it up”. I’d like to find a giant vacuum cleaner and suck her up, and then throw the bag in a moldy lake.


  5. I’m printing this and posting this on MY piece of wall in the office*. Let the fun times roll.
    *also, don’t think i’m kidding.


  6. but… i AM grateful your boot is not up my ass!

    between Christmas and New Year’s is the best time to be at work… nothing going one, wander in, wander out… and saves the vacation days.


  7. miss M: In that case, I might be more motivated to get involved if the prizes were better.
    robin: Stock response to “suck it up”: “Blow me!”
    anne: Whoohoo! I can send you a higher-res version for printing, if you like.
    gnukid: Yes, but if I work between xmas & new year, when will I get a chance to hate the tourists?
    peas: Didn’t we already do that? Like two years ago?
    thrills: Are you taking the piss?
    byron: Yes. And the owls are not what they seem.


  8. anne: Check your inbox. Or your spam folder.
    miss M: I guess I’m just jaded.
    katie possum: A compliment indeed! :mrgreen: I also managed to glean a few good tips for my next presentation.


  9. Too dam true. Nature abhors a vacuum, but not nearly as much as i abhor those who attempt to deprive me of my right to bitch about the fact that my fabulous holiday is over. (The only ones worse are those who are trying to get me to do ACTUAL WORK!!)


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