Although that may be impractical, so let's just park a bulldozer on his head for now
* this is an asterisk. Obviously. If you need help figuring out the title, drop me an email


15 thoughts on “Dindindindinalindin*

  1. This is freaky! I think my son is actually your boss! Is your boss tall and gawky? Does he roll his eyes all the time? It’s him! Damn you, Kevin! Get back to school right now!


  2. If he enjoys pressure so much… why don’t you snap a rubberband around his hose…

    …hmmm perhaps not.. he may enjoy toooooo much!


  3. I think there must be something in the secret management handbook that teaches fearless leaders this kind of last minute delegation skill.

    How to Manage Book: if you’ve forgotten to do something, or if you’ve planned inadequately, ensure that you involve much handwaving and a tone of panic when delegating the task to some unsuspecting lackey.

    Fearless Leader: Aaaaaaaah!


  4. robin: Ah. So that’s why he gets all grumpy when he has too much sugar.
    rob: We’re so far behind the times they’re going to be shooting Survivor: Life on Mars right here later this year.
    b: Also, I’m not sure I have a big enough rubber band.
    dolce: In his case, it’s more of a management pamphlet, because this approach seems to apply to every. single. project.
    rustum: You’re too kind.
    nursemyra: It’s easy – “Your Magnificence” is used only on formal occasions. The rest of the time, “Master” or “Sir” will suffice (keep an eye on your inbox).


  5. gnukid: Actually, the real challenge is hiring the boat on the company credit card without getting caught.
    daisy: Yes! Another use for the kitchen blowtorch.
    beaverboosh: I always wondered about the gills…


  6. rustum: As soon as I start seeing in colour.
    uncle keith: Well, I definitely work more. Not so sure about “best”.
    bettina: Easy: encase him in concrete and drop him off the side of a boat. The rest is simply a matter of logistics.


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