and you might want those brakes looked at
And in other news, you may be aware that I am a keen collector of weird search terms, but yesterday’s collection was particularly noteworthy:

I particularly like the second one where they found the correct URL by searching for the correct URL

I can’t quite decide whether number three means they’re looking for a good doctor to treat the results or perform the act. Could go either way, I suppose.


19 thoughts on “Crunch!

  1. Word of advice: Never include the words “mother,” “father” “daughter” or “fucker” in any of your posts. Unless you want search terms like the ones I get, such as “father fucks daughter” and “my mom fucked me in our hotel” or “my dad fucks better than my husband.” Maybe you want those search terms, though? In which case, I think I may have just done you a favor. You’re welcome.


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