I doo-doo

That's probably why religious types think of heaven as heaven
Fun fact: after my divorce was finalised, my ex-wife made a point of telling me that she never loved me.

It’s a sad tale whichever way you look at it, but I take solace in the fact that I was serenely clueless about the depth of her loathing. It must have made things even more intolerable for her, so I can’t help but admire her ability to wait for over a decade before sticking the knife in. That shows serious commitment. Or psychosis. Possibly both.

Of course, if she’d really wanted to make me miserable, she wouldn’t have signed the divorce papers, would she? It’s a bit of a mixed message.


25 thoughts on “I doo-doo

  1. Well isn’t it just a mixed message! You could retaliate by suggesting to her that perhaps you could meet up for a drink so that she could explain the real low points to you. People are odd.

    Look on the bright side. Erm.


    • The only way to be sure involves a blunt instrument, a secluded waterway and a hessian bag filled with rocks. Not that I would advocate such a thing. Call me if you need an alibi.


  2. hard to defend against that kind of crazy. other than humming happy little tunes whenever she speaks to you… Theme song from “Gilligan’s Island” might be a good start. The longer she talks? The louder you hum…


  3. Mine did the opposite. Treated me like crap and abused me verbally until I moved out – THEN she told me how much she loved me!

    Do what I did to escape forever – move to the opposite side of the earth!


  4. “I never loved you” is one of those melodramatic sweeping statements that are meant to wound, but instead end up making one look like rather an idiot. Possibly a masochist. In all likelihood one of those lizard-people David Icke is always yelling about.


  5. Ouch! What kind of person would say she never loved you after a divorce? I understand falling out of love, but if you were never in love in the first place before you got married, it’s like admitting you were either very dumb or very desperate.


  6. I’m constantly amazed at the things people who used to be married say to each other, and the bitterness that some people speak with, and the way they want to hurt someone who was once so central to their life. I used to think losing a spouse to cancer was sad but sometimes I think maybe I was one of the lucky ones, at least we’ll never say those kind of things to each other.
    You know, you don’t have to believe her. My advice is don’t. I feel really sad for you 😦


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