The dire rear

Now I know why the cleaner has been in such a bad mood lately


27 thoughts on “The dire rear

  1. Ewww we have one too – although I didn’t know what they are called! I have now armed myself with loo seat covers (available from Clicks thanks BFF for the tip) and disinfectant loo wipes (also available from Clicks -BFF again – she knows I am germ phobic and keeps her eye open for such items for me). Now I just have to get over the automatic gag reflex


  2. Someone is clearly not getting enough fiber. Really! In this day and age. Do they know how naaaasty a colonoscopy is? Pffft.

    And mmmmm? I wonder if that’s what the splattermail boys had in mind? Ew.


  3. betenoir: Are you warming up for a performance?

    stef: I don’t think “tinkling” is the major issue here. We’d do better with something like If you spew when you poo…

    charmskool: Gag reflex? You aren’t supposed to eat the seat covers.

    dolce: Is “pffft” what happens after a colonoscopy?

    nursemyra: Any tips on – uh – handling the shituation?

    miss M: You never know. If the culprit adopts such a cavalier attitude towards one aspect of the toilet experience, he may well be negligent in others.


  4. No Kyk dearest I gag when viewing the seat – I tend now to peer cautiously in through the door first. If I see anything even remotely unpleasant looking – even if it’s only my shadow – I bolt and head back to my little cubicle and wait till I see the cleaning ladies heading into the loos.


  5. we have men who are seen heading toward the shitter every morning with magazines*, newspapers and probably snacks for their morning constitutionals. i don’t get it. can’t they leave their dumpage AT HOME where it belongs?

    *senior scientist reads Physics Today and tech journals.


  6. I’m sorry but when I’m taking a shit I want to sit down, relax, read, and take my time. I have a sense of control in that area. Splaterer’s ruin it for the rest of us take your timer types. They won’t sit on the pot because a predator could barge in at any moment or because sharing toilet seats is unsanitary or something. Idiots. How unsanitary to shit up a bathroom like that and just leave it. It’s easy to clean up wet shit spray, but when it dries you have to take a butter knife to scrape it off.


  7. miss M: I am, as ever, your humble servant in matters scatalogical.

    charmskool: Ah. That’s a relief.

    revo: Hark, I hear a postol shit!

    daisy: Nobody pays them to evacuate their bowels at home.

    upset waitress: [Note to self: take own utensils when eating out]


  8. Gives new meaning to the term “rim shot”. I admit to a close inspection of the seat before considering sitting…or choosing to go elsewhere. And, yes, I’d rather be paid to take my dump at work “at the library”* than do so at home for free.

    *my magazine choice has nothing to do with work


  9. anicker: Piglet.

    happy snapper: Are you sure it wasn’t Mr Hankey?

    miss M: I’m glad to know that you know that I know.

    angel: Maybe it’s part of the new productivity drive at work.

    gnukid: It’s only fair. I view it as an application of the GIGO principle (although it would be more accurate to call it the CICO or SISO principle, in this case).

    uncle keith: I’ll ask my boss as soon as he returns from the lavatory.

    peas: See above.


  10. I read through all of these comments with tears in my eyes.

    This is just what I needed after the day I’ve had.


  11. miss M: Good. As long as it’s on a need-to-know basis.

    shebee: If you’re fond of having tears in your eyes at the end of the day, you should come and work for my company.


  12. I can see this as a new series on Reality TV: (crap tv)

    1: The other side of Load Shedding (The bottom side)
    2: The Cosby Show (and don’t tell)
    3: The biggest loser (what really happens when spinach and laxatives meet)

    The DVD series will be a HIT – soundtrack by Police and of course a special discount – buy the first two and get the turd one free.


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