Please hold. All our operators are busy at present

If you want to increase your blood-pressure, please press 1...


18 thoughts on “Please hold. All our operators are busy at present

  1. I find crying inconsolably helps. even if you don’t need to. just keep crying until their personal guilt level can’t tolerate any more. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!


  2. I’m convinced my fuc\\\ cell provider is staffed by brain damaged gibbons. However as every company is just as bad and I’ve learned through (painful) trial and error how to get what I want out of mine migrating would only be an exercise in emotional agony. The trick is to bypass the 1st level support and then bug someone higher up until it becomes easier for them to help you than to deal with your daily\hourly nagging. (and coincidentally mine is also Nashua Immobile)


  3. i believe this is an international cartel. i get cranked when they want to charge me for teeny-tiny courtesies – such as transferring my phone book from an old phone to a new one for $10, which doesn’t cost them a freakin’ penny – or insist on re-setting my 2 year contract if i make even a minor change in my service plan.

    pig fuckers. all of ’em. i will try crying instead of turning red, while screaming with rage next time.


  4. stef asked, so yes, i can say it: fuckin’ monopoly.

    and charging a fee for any little extra? bullshit.

    i’m not as eloquent as your office mate… simply–



  5. thrills: Speaking of non-service, I have to get my drivers license renewed. O joy!
    betenoir: I’m going to try that in meetings.
    shebee: I already do.
    prixie: Would you like fries with that?
    stef: I prefer Scrabble.
    idlelayabout: That’s quite a trick. The first rule of 1st level support is nobody bypasses 1st level support.
    daisy: It’s no picnic for the pigs either.
    gnukid: I can’t understand why pitchforks and torches don’t feature more often with these guys.


  6. Service fixing?? – a fallacy, I tell you.

    Service would imply that something was actually being done.
    Fixing would imply that something was returned to working order.

    It’s been a month you bastards. You are still fixing my phone. To date, no-one from customer service has contacted me to inform me when the problem may be resolved.

    Maybe you’re hoping I’ll just wait for my next upgrade in 10 months time. Then I won’t need the repaired phone.

    Why is it that the billing system never seems to have no signal or be out of order??


  7. My friend told me that if you refuse to push any buttons, and scream into the phone like Chubaka, they put you through to an operator. I tried it, but it didn’t work. I think my voice was too high pitched.


  8. There is no point. Much like travel on SAA, you just has to accept that the natural laws of the universe do not apply, give up your free will and try some deep, beautiful breaths. And use the phone at work more.


  9. I become frightened when confronted with a polite, helpful operator. I think it must be what Moses felt like when God gave him the 10 commandments.


  10. idlelayabout: I am suitably awed.
    revo: I’m sure my boss feels your pain.
    robin: Everyone’s a critic.
    dolce: You’re just a closet hippie, aren’t you?
    zenbiscuit: Me too. I feel mocked.


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