And we wouldn’t want that, would we?

Much to learn you still have, young Padawan


40 thoughts on “And we wouldn’t want that, would we?

  1. It’s all about power (or the illusion of power) – getting it, flaunting it, desperately holding onto it and then – oops – it’s gone. C’est la vie!


    • Indeed. In the corporate caste system, senior managers are forbidden to carry out tasks reserved for lackeys. In many cases, they have to filter their instructions via an intermediate-level lackey to avoid polluting their leadership purity.


  2. I hate minions. They’re so f’ing slow. I have to kill them for they’re incompetence and it’s soooooo messy…

    (The fact that I spelled “incompetence” wrong and your spell check had to correct me, sort of ruined the whole snotty superior vibe of that comment. What a buzz kill.)


      • Two free range, medium sized, vegan, filet minions. (a spare is often necessary) If not sufficiently pliable, tenderise well with wooden paddle mallet and marinade in sour grapes and large pinch of salt. Flame grill at gas mark “fires of hell” and serve toasty. It’s a big hit at management functions.


  3. Filet minion bwahahaha. I might have to “pun”ish that. I wish I had a minion. I used to have a minion. My minion resigned. My boss said I could’nt have another minion because I broke the one I had. You can’t eat filet minion it’ll give you such indigestion!


  4. I used to be a minion who rapidly learned to make the upper echelon my minions. It worked out very well for me. lots of grovelling, Mochas and plenty of “I need” and “here you go’s” being sent back and forth.(with me getting what I wanted when I wanted and how I wanted or it went back.)
    ahhh…I lived like a queen till I got married again and now I’m back to stay at home, cater to the dogs, minion.


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