38 thoughts on “The End Times

    • So this is the Pastafarian equivalent of god killing a kitten every time you masturbate? Every time you blow a vuvuzela, the Flying Spaghetti Monster breaks wind.


  1. I happen to know a lot about Gabriel’s Horn!
    Gabriel’s Horn (also called Torricelli’s trumpet) is a figure invented by Evangelista Torricelli which has infinite surface area, but finite volume. The name refers to the tradition identifying the Archangel Gabriel with the angel who blows the horn to announce Judgment Day, associating the infinite with the divine.
    I just remembered this from college! Isn’t that cool?
    OK. Wikipedia. I didn’t know what the heaven or hell it was.


  2. Everyone in France made money on the game: now the worthless sods are coming home we won’t be shelling out around €20k per night for their stupidly overpriced hotel.

    Allez les blues! Right back here.


  3. Am I mistaken or is this the first appearance of The Spaghetti Monster since your resurrection?

    France leaves in disgrace. Well, they DID cheat in order to get in. Ireland must be happy.

    I read an article that said the horns are part of SA soccer culture. Is that true?! They’re like listening to a crying banshee from hell. They only play one note!


    • This is the FSM’s second appearance. If you can find the first, FIFA will send you a cookie*
      Regarding the vuvuzelas – they would like you to believe that they’ve always been part of the culture, but in truth, they haven’t been around for all that long. They’ve only started to emerge in the last decade or so.

      *offer invalid


  4. I see Jebus is shamelessly plugging ‘Sea Harvest’ while the Spagetti Monster is openly advertising for Fattis & Monis. The FIFA gods will not be happy. Ambush marketing and gambling is a SIN I tell you. A sin!


  5. Dad never cheats..he just has wonderful fore site. never gamble against the creator of the universe. he’ll smack you down every time.
    FSM needs a sprinkle of parmesan..


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