So much rage, so much betrayal, I’ve never sensed anything like it

Good Lord, deliver us!
You incur the wrath of the tea lady at your own peril. She has not responded well to this year’s “no increase” policy.


68 thoughts on “So much rage, so much betrayal, I’ve never sensed anything like it

  1. n the immortal words of Slackers and Baldrick:

    Edmund: Fat chance! Now, all we have to do is wait. Baldrick, fix us some coffee, will you? And try to make it taste slightly less like mud this time.

    Baldrick: Not easy, I’m afraid, Captain.

    Edmund: Why is this?

    Baldrick: ’cause it is mud. We ran out of coffee thirteen months ago.

    Edmund: So every time I’ve drunk your coffee since, I have in fact been
    drinking hot mud…

    Baldrick: With sugar.

    Edmund: Which of course makes all the difference.

    Baldrick: Well, it would do if we had any sugar, but, unfortunately, we ran
    out New Year’s Eve 1915, since when I’ve been using sugar substitute.

    Edmund: Which is…?

    Baldrick: Dandruff.

    Edmund: Brilliant.


  2. ………what’s a tea lady?

    No increases? That sucks. I wonder what my performance review is going to look like? Busy as hell for the first half of the year and then out for 3 months recovering from a heart attack. Not easy to finish goals that way, is it?


  3. Tea ladies provide an excellent example of the utter witlessness of modern management.

    When I started work in the late 1980s we had a tealady. She came round three times during the day, which meant that we stayed at our desks and she had a job.

    She was dispensed with because it was an easy headcount reduction. The result was that drinks machines were installed, we spent time away from our desks being completely unproductive, the department was littered with plastic cups and someone went unemployed.

    Net saving – nothing. In fact, probably less than nothing. Twats the lot of them.


  4. We’ve given our tea lady a nickname, behind her back of course: Calamity Jane. She’s very entertaining and her escapades provide many laughs and occasional loud explosions from the kitchen area. We usually have to go and check that she is still alive.

    And our financial director is convinced she spits in his coffee. 🙂


  5. Our tea lady loves me. She’s the only person I talk to in the office – the rest of them are of absolutely no use to mankind at all – I always display my best manners and my most twinkling smile for her – she now also makes my lunch – I am the mistress of the art of charming minions that have access to food or beverages which will go in my mouth.


  6. Someone needs to encourage her to slip some rat poinson in his beverage of choice. A little redistribultion of management salaries would do wonders. I see salary increases and bonuses for everyone. I mean what do they do anyway? Delegate? Pah!


  7. I swear to the great spirit in the sky, these domestic chicks are put onto this earth to conspire against us. I’m absolutely convinced of it. My beloved Gloria, in her infinite wisdom, decided it would be best to remove all of our books (off the book shelf, mind you) and place them in the box next to the toilet. Promise, cross my heart.


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