A long time ago+, in an archipelago far away…

Leias of meaning
I am generally not a big fan of surprises, but when I emptied my post box++ earlier today, I discovered this lovely item nestled in amongst all the bills and lawyers’ letters – a postcard from Dolce, Daisyfae and Nursemyra:

I'm afraid the front of the postcard is too sordid to publish

Thank you, ladies. Wish you were here.

+ Well, it SEEMS like a long time ago, ok?
++ That isn’t a euphemism

52 thoughts on “A long time ago+, in an archipelago far away…

  1. It’s always nice to get postcards – especially when it’s from pretty ladies – what was the piccie on the front?

    ~Makes mental note of address so she can send saucy postcards too~ 😉


  2. the post card i sent to my dog and cat arrived late last week. since they really aren’t good with the calendar, i dont think they were overly concerned about the delay…


  3. Cool! They don’t call it snaaaaaaaail mail for nothing. I do so love getting postcards but I often wonder if there is some dude sitting in the various post offices reading them all. Must be quite entertaining… especially if you were a postal worker.


  4. Just wondering – did two of them graduate from the police academy and the other from a top school for models?
    Regardless, i think from now on i’m just going to call you Charlie.


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